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and the bold.
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At Kettle, culture is key.

We’re a human-centric company that prioritizes people.

We aim to lead with integrity, respect, trust, fairness, transparency, and honesty. We do it because it’s natural to us — and because truth and support makes for a stronger team and better work.

Remote. And IRL in NYC, SF, LA, and PDX.

While most folks work remotely, our HQ is in NYC and we have coworking spaces in SF, LA, and PDX for those who want to connect in real life. And we love bringing people together when it matters — for the work, and for fun.

Clients are more like colleagues.

We’ve come to have a reputation for having close connections with our clients — including many we’ve been working with since Kettle began. We build relationships, not just presentation decks.

Open roles

Don’t see the right role, but think you’re a good fit? Send us a general submission. We’d love to hear from you.

Questions? Answers.

Can I work remotely?

Yes! Probably. Most of our roles are mostly remote. You’ll be expected to work during the time zone work-hours of your colleagues and clients, and there may be some in-person meetings for some roles. But nearly all of Kettle works remotely all across the US.

What if I don’t live in the US?

Full-time employees must reside and be legally able to work in the US, but we do occasionally have contract positions that can be filled by anyone anywhere.

Do you offer internships?

We do! Send us an email and we’d love to hear what you’re looking for.

What’s your hiring process?

If you look like a match for the role, we’ll reach out and set up times for you to meet with several folks from the team — including a recruiter, the hiring manager, and possibly a few other potential colleagues. Most interviews are via Zoom.

What’s the prize for winning the Ru Paul Drag Race bracket?

Oh, well we can’t tell you that. You’ll just have to find out.