Telling the Korres story in e-commerce.

An inspiring line of natural and effective skincare, the Korres product line had a rich story to be told to a global audience. We found an opportunity to bring their brand to life and modernize their e-commerce with a sleek new site.

What We Did

Strategy / User Experience / Art Direction / Development

Merchandising a rich brand narrative

Finding those unique and shoppable moments within the Korres story was an opportunity that unfolded as we delved deeper into how the products were made.

Engaging users with what they really want.

Helping people navigate to what they need and want without a lot of searching was our main focus. From the moment a user lands on the site, we were dedicated to making their experience as intuitive as possible.

Personalizing the journey

We all know what we want, and when it’s reflected back at us in information architecture it makes it easier to engage. These moments were all about giving users those reflection points to interact with.

Building a routine

Our curated routine recommendations at the bottom of each product page was a great way to help users find what they need and introduce them to new product lines.

A look and feel that lives up to the products

From the hand-picked ingredients, to the purest water filtration process, to the environmentally conscious packaging, it’s clear that so much care, thought and pride goes into the formulation of every Korres product. We wanted to make sure that shined through in every curve and corner of our design.

A launch that exceeded expectations

Our global launch was a big success. We found that people stayed on the site longer, and when they put something in their cart, they followed through with purchase at a higher rate, leading to conversion numbers that are higher than the industry average.