When we include everyone, everyone wins.

For too long now, systemic racism has held back the work of so many in our field. This page is the homebase for everything we’re doing and will do to help change that.

We’re kicking off new productions, and an Inclusion Plan to guide them.

We’ve developed a plan to ensure that we continue to tell stories that are diverse and inclusive. And that staffing and casting for our projects reflects our commitment to hiring talented professionals from underrepresented groups.

We see this as a living document, and a first draft that will continue to evolve as we learn and grow. And we invite any other company to borrow from it, or to ideate with us on how we can improve our efforts.

Download the Inclusion Plan PDF >

We want to be an agency where diverse talent thrives. We commit to change.

As part of our commitment to do better, we’re sharing our representation data. Because the only way to be accountable in the future is to be transparent about the present.


of our overall workspace is BIPOC


of our creative team is BIPOC


of our director-level positions are BIPOC

BIPOC are where we plan to focus our inclusion efforts. We will be utilizing resourcing sites that give visibility to Black candidates, and implementing new workflows to ensure a diverse pool for each role.

Race and Ethnicity Data

Company Wide
Race and Ethnicity Data Company Wide
By Seniority
Race and Ethnicity Data By Seniority
By Department
Race and Ethnicity Data By Department

We’re proud to say that over half of our workforce and leadership team is woman‑identifying.

We’ve done the work and our team is better for it. We will continue to expand our efforts into other marginalized groups.

Gender Data

Company Wide
Gender Data Company Wide
By Seniority
Gender Data By Seniority
By Department
Gender Data By Department

We’ll be updating our progress as we continue to improve the way we hire, retain and promote. Stay tuned.

We unequivocally stand against racism.

And pledge to be steadfast allies that lead through action.

Here’s what we are doing now, and the first of our many long-term initiatives to come.

  • Free, confidential mental health support for our team.
  • Donating $2 for every $1 our employees give to nonprofits that are responding to the urgent needs of the Black community and the protest movement.
  • Overhauling our hiring methods to be more inclusive and supportive to the Black community. A few initiatives on our list: unconscious bias training, blind résumé reviews, standardized interviewing, and sharing our hiring and retention data.
  • Adopting inclusion riders that make hiring members of the Black community and other minorities mandatory for our photo and video shoots.
  • Refocusing our internship program around students from under-served communities.

And we won't stop here.

Equality is an opportunity, not a burden. And we cannot rest, until a truly egalitarian system replaces the current one.

— Your Friends at Kettle