Beauty that goes beyond skin deep.

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L’Oréal USA supports its portfolio of 34 brands, from Kiehl’s and Lancôme, to Maybelline and YSL. As the corporate umbrella, L’Oréal USA strives to establish itself as an industry-leading innovation company by telling stories across social that highlight innovations happening throughout the organization every day—across tech, social, company culture, and business.

Our partnership began with a complete rebrand of L’Oréal USA’s social identity. From strategy, to art direction and voice, we set the foundation for the work we continue to create today. Our campaigns bring the most innovative, impactful, and empowering stories of L’Oréal to life. Together, we’re creating Beauty For All.

What we did

Strategy / Social Branding / Art Direction / Copy / Video Production & Editing

A Natural Collaboration

As part of L’Oréal’s Founders Series, we featured a one-of-a-kind global beauty executive. Shane Wolf started Seed Phytonutrients within L’Oréal, lives on a farm in rural Pennsylvania to grow the brand, and also runs Redken and Pureology. Across channels, we shared the story of his unordinary journey and sustainably-driven life.

We created a suite of custom illustrations for Shane's telling of how he pitched his idea to L’Oréal. In a video just for Instagram, we used these visual elements to highlight points of the story and bring the moment to life.

Feeling the Pride

L’Oréal is proud to support and empower every member of their community, and wanted to show that to the world for the second year in a row. So for WorldPride in NYC, we created #MarchForMe — a global social campaign that culminated in 860 of L’Oréal’s LGBTQ+ employees marching for everyone who couldn’t.

While millions of people attend Pride celebrations every year, millions more can’t. So we asked everyone who couldn’t be there to share a selfie in an Instagram Story, tag it #MarchForMe, and add custom GIFs to it (designed by the talented Zipeng Zhu).

Then, we displayed their photos on L’Oréal’s parade float, as L’Oréal’s employees marched with Pride through the streets of New York City.

Along the way, select L’Oréal employees shared what marching means to them on social.

More Campaigns

Sourced Sustainably

As a company, L’Oréal strives to find sustainable solutions that give back to the planet. We spotlighted the ambitious work of a factory in Florence, Kentucky that’s making a real difference in conservation. We created content across channels to celebrate their efforts, from installing miles of solar panels to rain barrel decorating contests. Their work is helping more L’Oréal factories run on renewable energy, and that helps keep our world beautiful.

Going SXSW

L’Oréal is at the helm of beauty tech, setting the standard for what’s next. These innovations were on display at SXSW in Austin, so people could see the future of beauty, firsthand. We amplified the live event with a cross-channel campaign to engage with those at SXSW and around the world. People everywhere witnessed personalized beauty, through the latest tech that identifies the skincare, foundation shade and hair color that’s made just for you.

Meet the Founders

The entrepreneurial spirit within L’Oréal drives so much of the innovation and culture. We helped share the stories of 3 extraordinary women who founded their own brands, that were then acquired by L’Oréal and taken to new heights. We created the visual branding for the series and edited the videos for different channels. The Founders Series shows the world just how supportive and empowering L’Oréal is for the next generation of entrepreneurs.


L’Oréal is known for making headlines at CES, where each year they unveil cutting-edge innovations on the world stage. This year in Vegas, L’Oréal debuted Perso – an industry-first, 3-in-1 device and companion app that creates personalized skincare, lipstick, and foundation at home. Standing 6.5 inches tall, Perso uses AI and machine learning to dispense entirely custom skincare and cosmetic formulas on demand. We helped L’Oréal announce this breakthrough to the press, influencers, and followers, and signal the beginning of a more beautiful future.

Product Shoots

L’Oréal is always looking for opportunities to improve upon their social media presence, and tell the story of their substantially large brand family. Our team conceptualized a series of evergreen themes and then worked with all 35 brands to highlight different products in each shot. The end result was a weighty bank of images that the L’Oréal team uses across all social platforms as well as for internal presentations.

Employee Spotlights

L’Oréal wanted a way to inspire connection between their many team members, shining a spotlight on those with exciting passion projects, both inside and outside the office walls. We created a campaign to introduce a few of these special L’Oréal folks, surveying and interviewing dozens of employees to hear their stories, before selecting a group of 19 to participate in their own photo shoot. We highlighted their unique pursuits via a series of social posts, video assets and on-site displays that were shown through L’Oréal’s office building.

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