Crafting digital experiences for the next generation of banking.

Few financial institutions are more dedicated to their membership than SoFi. As a brand they are devoted to helping their members achieve their goals. Our job was to help them do that digitally with a series of web experiences and financial tools that would guide, inform and inspire.

What we did

Strategy / User Experience / Art Direction / Copy / Development

01 Get That Raise 2018

Helping users navigate the raise-negotiation process.

SoFi realized their members were having trouble asking for a raise, and we were tasked with helping them get there. After countless interviews with SoFi career coaches, we put together a strategy for creating Get That Raise: a user-friendly, streamlined, and private experience that helps millennials assess, prepare for, and successfully negotiate a raise.

Our efforts won us a 2019 Webby Award for Best User Experience in the Employment category.

Guiding the user.

Asking for a raise can be stressful, and career information is personal. With that in mind, we wanted to create an experience that felt simple, intimate and effortless. The result was a seamless flow that quickly populates a career profile and assesses a user’s next steps.



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A valuable takeaway.

After answering a series of questions, users are presented with a personalized action plan that they can use to prepare for a meeting with their boss. Through an API integration with, users are able to identify where they fit in the market for their role and salary.

02 Homepage

A fresh homepage for a transitioning brand.

We were tasked with creating a fresh new take on Our main challenge? To help SoFi in their transition from loan provider to full service financial institution. The new homepage needed to showcase their new full suite of offerings, while still maintaining conversions on their high-traffic products.

Test and learn.

Because maintaining existing conversions was so crucial to the new pages’ success, we put early concepts through several rounds of qualitative testing, focusing on comprehension of brand and increased conversion rates.





An adaptive design.

Our solution was a modular homepage that put all of their main products on display, letting users comprehend instantly the full breadth of their offering, while being flexible enough to accommodate new product launches, promotions and campaigns.


To make sure the transformation was complete, the rest of the page was restructured and rewritten to instill trust in sofi as a startup financial institution.