Disrupting the beauty industry with Glossier.

Glossier’s ability to translate online content into sales has made them a phenomenon in the beauty industry. So when they asked us to build performance marketing campaigns alongside their creative team, we were honored. Our obsessive curiosity for what makes audiences tick coupled with their unique brand story, resulted in a string of campaign work that captivated users into the purchasing funnel. Together, we pushed the boundaries of the social formats that had brought them so much success.

What we did

Strategy / Concepting / Performance Marketing / Copywriting / Art Direction / Shoot Production / Motion Graphics / Editing

A high-performance holiday.

In close partnership with Facebook’s Creator Studio, we harnessed our expertise in paid media strategy to execute on a set of Instagram ads that would move the needle for 3 Glossier product bundles. The campaign, which focused on the concept of giving during the holiday season, was an overwhelming success.





Highest across all December 2019 Glossier campaigns

Brand Lift & Awareness


pts in recall


pts in awareness


pts in purchase

“The ads were the refresh we needed.”

- Glossier’s Performance Team

Clicking in more ways than one.

Our strategic and creative teams worked closely to concept thumb-stopping creative that would showcase the products and drive conversion. This process was led by rigorous testing, and a series of individual and specific hypotheses that were designed to help us optimize in real-time. Each asset we produced had an A/B test (and sometimes a C, D, or E) that showed us what was resonating and why. The result was inspiring and highly effective work.

Shoot Days




Instagram Stories


Feed Posts


YouTube Pre-roll


Our one-stop production shop.

Every shoot required Glossier-level perfection, with our own nimble approach. From casting, to sourcing directors of photography and set designers, we took on all of the production needs. Our creative team also worked one-on-one with each model to bring concepts to life through natural expression and product interaction.

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