Sunglass Hut From mass brand to yasss brand.

Squad goals

A key social media partner, we elevated Sunglass Hut from mass market retailer to fashion authority. To start, we immersed ourselves on the target’s behaviors, interests and aspirations. Armed with awareness, we built content and experiences, and formed strong brand relationships via community management. Whether entertaining with curated Spotify playlists, spreading inspiration via Tumblr, or delighting with a Facebook app that lets us re-live summer, we always engage in memorable ways. As a result, Sunglass Hut now represents more than a product. It is a lifestyle. And that message has resonated with a younger, savvier, more demanding audience.

Social with a wink

Fashion brands pull from the same bag of tricks on social media to attempt to drive engagement. We set Sunglass Hut apart with an editorial repositioning to situate the brand amongst more authentic peers. From this new vantage point we are able to celebrate the charming contradictions that distinguish our target’s lifestyle. Sure, she loves fish a la plancha, but she also loves a good old fashioned burger. Today it’s that extra dash of honesty that gives Sunglass Hut its signature wink while leading to heightened engagement.

Eye candy

The results speak for themselves. Readily reaching upwards of 5 million global unique users, Sunglass Hut has earned a seat at the table with other top tier fashion brands. And if the existing track record is any indication, the future is looking brighter and brighter.

We partnered with four stylish female DJs to curate mixes inspired by summer vibes.
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