Mad Libs. Transforming a classic game into a modern story, but better (adj).

The Mad Libs App

For Mad Libs we re-imagined the classic, paper-based game for the digital era and the modern player. We created a suite of native apps, including Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad. In addition we built licensed versions from classic adult to Hello Kitty and WWE. But before any of that happened, we had to start by understanding what made Mad Libs a unique game in today's crowded games market. Then we used design and technology to bring that magic to the world in a liberatingly-modern format. The result is an app that stays true to the essence of Mad Libs and awakens a playfulness in all of us.

On our game

We had a lot of fun re-creating the Mad Libs game, starting with our very own "Mad Royale". Think of it as a one day competitive immersion that mixes creatives and clients to develop and prototype ideas. Through this we were able to identify the most important characteristics of the game and uncover assets they’ve always had but could now activate through design. For example, the mascot Phil can be found on the cover of every book, but in the app he talks to you and gives you hints and tips along the way.

The win

The storytelling experience responds to gestures, gives players feedback along the way, and makes the experience of crafting a one-of-a-kind tale fun and sharable. And the reception has been extraordinary. Launching the game as an App has helped to acquire 2,100,362 unique users and counting.

Featured stories allow users to get right into the fun
Real-time feedback shows users what exactly they’re up to
Help from above
Meet Phil - he’s here to help you along the way
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