The Webby Awards

We just won 2 Webby Awards!

We’re honored. We’re overjoyed. We couldn’t be more proud to see the following projects recognized by our peers.

  1. Meet the winners:
    • SoFi

      Website, Employment

      Get That Raise: We created a website for the FinTech brand that would help users understand their value on the job market, supporting them with a custom report compiling talking points to negotiate a raise with their boss.

    • National Geographic

      Mobile: Best User Experience

      A source of endless inspiration for the everyday explorer and the insatiably curious, the National Geographic app reveals new insights into cultures, ideas, and discoveries through high-definition storytelling. Users can now access the digital content published daily, but also the articles from the magazine and thousands of photos from the TV channel.

  2. These were nominated:
    • National Geographic

      Website: Best User Experience

      The new We teamed up with the publication to reinvent their main online destination. The new website is a never-ending well of stunning content to explore, with focus given to mixed media storytelling. A dream project come true.

    • Kettle


      Kettle Obsessions: When procurement departments asked us to stop sending holiday gifts to our clients, we took the end of year exercise to a whole new level by curating a selection of our favorite destinations online: video series, eShops, podcasts, … And the best part? We turned it into an interactive email. Yes, you read that well. It’s like a website in your inbox.

Let’s win a Webby together next year. Let’s discuss your new project, or check out open positions in our NYC and SF offices.

Your friends,