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Kettle is on the lookout for a Senior Product Strategist who can see the big picture and lead us there.

The role

A Product Experience Strategist with a passion and track record for creating innovative, digital product experiences that serve the needs and goals of the clients you partner with, and captivates the consumers they serve. You’re ideally based in NYC, SF, or LA, or in a key market within a similar time zone. You understand how people live today, how they use technology, and how they interact with brands on the Internet.

Is it you?

  • 5-7 years of strategic leadership experience.
  • A strong knowledge base in research, product experience strategy, and UX.
  • Curious, analytical, insightful, creative, and expressive.
  • Energized by the thrill of pitches, driven to lead teams to victory.
  • Can manage multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.
  • Can build consensus and work effectively within cross-departmental teams, and thrive in a collaborative, small team environment, remotely or IRL.
  • Proficient with collaboration tools such as Keynote, Figma and Sketch.
  • Enjoy contributing to a culture of creativity and innovation.
  • Know how to have fun on the job - we’re lucky to get to do this stuff!

What should you be great at?

  • Gathering and analyzing client inputs and business needs.
  • Conducting competitive research, qualitative and quantiatitve consumer research, product audits and analysis.
  • Leveraging data and analytics to inform and drive the overall product experience strategy, as well as key decisions throughout the life of the project.
  • Identifying insights which can drive the product experience strategy.
  • Designing and leading stakeholder interviews and workshops in our discovery process.
  • Conducting user research to uncover new insights and opportunities, understand their current needs and wants, and create user personas that provide inspiration for the UX design teams.
  • Defining the overall product experience vision, strategy, and final product experience, including product experience objectives, principles, and value proposition.
  • Collaborating with UX and Design teams to define the features, functions, and tactics necessary to realize the final product experience.
  • Analyzing and mapping out customer journeys and user journeys to inform product experience, UX, and design.
  • Creating briefs that will inspire the UX, Design and Tech teams to create great product experiences.
  • Interfacing with senior business executives and drive strategic decisions around key project milestones.
  • Creating and presenting compelling, persuasive product experience strategy deliverables to senior level executives.

A little about us:

A digital-native creative agency with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We’re a team of makers, doers, and passionate problem-solvers with a simple mission: to make tomorrow better. We spend countless hours tinkering and asking questions until we unequivocally know the product is in its purest, most elegant form. Our strengths are creating user-centric products, keeping it simple, and telling great stories. Our weaknesses are baked goods, french fries, and karaoke.

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