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Kettle is on the hunt for a Senior Front End Developer who speaks code fluently and can bring ideas to life.

The role

Kettle is seeking a front-end developer with a passion for solving problems and making creative concepts a reality through clean, maintainable code. The client you’d be working alongside has been celebrated for its iconic design and groundbreaking engineering. And in the dev community they’re known for a meticulous approach to code that’s so pure, it’s considered an art in and of itself.

We’d like to know that you can: 

  • 5+ years experience in front-end web development
  • Comprehensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Excellent verbal/written communication and time management skills
  • Proven debugging and troubleshooting skills

The right candidate should also have:

  • An insatiable curiosity for new techniques and a razor-sharp eye for detail
  • A love for programming from scratch with object-oriented JavaScript (DOM literacy is a must!)
  • You’re serious about your work, but don’t take yourself too seriously
  • A passion for taking part in open source projects 

Why it’s an awesome gig:

  • Make JavaScript matter. Help elevate JavaScript to the level of its more respected brethren through unit tests, headless testing, and by contributing to core libraries authored and maintained by many of the world's best engineers.
  • Take part in emerging methodologies. Author and contribute to a slew of proprietary implementations of the latest front-end development methodologies — custom-built for one of the world’s most widely-watched tech companies.
  • Lead the charge in accessibility. Be on the forefront of implementing truly accessible content at scale. And with this client, ‘at scale’ means really, really big.
  • Craft pixel-perfect, butter-smooth animations. Leverage the team's shared knowledge to exploit all the quirks of modern browsers for animations that perform consistently and beautifully.
  • Never open Photoshop again. Ever. We’re serious. And yes, it’s awesome. This client has entire teams dedicated to slicing and exporting all images before we ever begin development.
  • And build new skills day after day. Get allocated time for personal development and exploration in a highly collaborative, growth-facilitating environment — complete with manager/peer code-reviews, and exclusive dev talks and symposiums.


A little about us

A digital-native creative agency with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We’re a team of makers, doers, and passionate problem-solvers with a simple mission: to make tomorrow better. We spend countless hours tinkering and asking questions until we unequivocally know the product is in its purest, most elegant form. Our strengths are creating user-centric products, keeping it simple, and telling great stories. Our weaknesses are baked goods, french fries, and karaoke.

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