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Looking for a Group Creative Director - Kettle to join us. Must create digital works of art on the regular.

The role

The Creative department at Kettle is a diverse team of entrepreneurial creatives who live and breathe culture and are passionate about the work we create, from CDs to people just starting out. The team concepts, develops and pitches ideas for our brand partners, driving their vision through production, post production, distribution and activation. The projects range from product, branding to social, branded content.

As Group Creative Director you will evaluate concepts, provide creative direction rooted in strong storytelling, and strategic partnership to creative teams, and pitch in to help with work when needed. You will be the liaison with other team leads and create partnership with senior clients.


We’d like to know that you can:

●  Oversight of the entire creative team of 20+ individuals (Visual and experience design, writers, motion designer)

●  Guide the team to closely analyze agency and client briefs, developing unique, culturally relevant ideas for videos, interactive, social, branded editorial, experiential events and more

●  Deliver fresh thinking and innovative creative solutions and relevant, motivating campaigns and platforms

●  Push design and messaging alike to create best-in-class experiences.

●  Structure narratives for client presentations and help creative express their vision and

advocate for their ideas through strong communication skillset.

●  Ensure the quality and timeliness of every pitch submission implementation. Lead the

creative work internally and presentation externally.

●  Manage direct reports in the creative discipline which includes setting clear goals and

career paths, checking in regularly, and making decisions around performance and HR

related situations

●  Create a positive, collaborative culture that encourages personal ingenuity,

accountability and respect within the creative team and across departments.

●  Participate in resourcing for the creative team which includes planning project teams for

upcoming projects, and adjusting resources as necessary on current projects

●  Participate in recruiting and hiring efforts for the creative team which includes

proactively identifying and bringing in creative talent, reviewing inbound applicants,

supporting the interview process, and contributing to hiring decisions

●  Develop a process that ensures all ideas are reviewed and that creatives are

continually learning and improving


The right candidate should also have:

● 12+ years experience spanning creative direction, editorial, design, agency, photography, film, events, branded content

●  A history working with brands and leading creative teams to create successful, culturally relevant content

●  Excellent public speaking and pitching skills

●  Deep knowledge and interest in digital media, social media, content & technology

●  Strong grasp of brand strategy

●  Strong narrative skills.

●  Keynote expertise



Kettle is a fast-paced and creatively demanding environment and creatives will have to balance many projects at once with tight deadlines and production schedules. Passion, positivity, self- motivation, perseverance and collaboration are key for successful partnership.

A little about us

A digital-native creative agency with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We’re a team of makers, doers, and passionate problem-solvers with a simple mission: to make tomorrow better. We spend countless hours tinkering and asking questions until we unequivocally know the product is in its purest, most elegant form. Our strengths are creating user-centric products, keeping it simple, and telling great stories. Our weaknesses are baked goods, french fries, and karaoke.

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