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Kettle is on the hunt for a Back-End Web Developer (PHP or Python) who speaks code fluently and can bring ideas to life.

The role

Kettle is seeking out a multitalented Web developer with a passion for solving problems and making creative concepts a reality through clean, maintainable code. You’ll be working with a small, diverse development team in executing fresh new apps for prominent clients, alongside a phenomenal creative team.

We’d like to know that you can:

• Prototype and build code for small and mid-size Web projects
• Collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment to rapidly iterate and prototype digital products
• Write clean, well organized and fully documented code
• Make strategic, proactive decisions on maintaining and upgrading projects
• Work with limited oversight on iterating existing codebases

The right candidate should also have:

• 2+ years experience in Web development (PHP, Python, or Ruby)
• Knowledge of MVC conventions and at least one major Web framework and CMS
• HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency
• Familiarity with single-page web apps and component-based JavaScript (such as React)
• Linux or BSD basics (such as bash scripting)
• A willingness to work in diverse codebases
• A commitment to modular, documented code

A little about us:

A digital-native creative agency with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. We’re a team of makers, doers, and passionate problem-solvers with a simple mission: to make tomorrow better. We spend countless hours tinkering and asking questions until we unequivocally know the product is in its purest, most elegant form. Our strengths are creating user-centric products, keeping it simple, and telling great stories. Our weaknesses are baked goods, french fries, and karaoke.

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