Oakley. Sparking the #CantStop spirit in everyone, everywhere.

On your mark

Oakley came to us with a big ask. Show the world you don’t have to be an Olympic sprinter or pro cyclist to tap into the #CantStop mindset. So, we set out to profile relatable, non-professional athletes who refuse to let anything stand between them and the sports they love.

Seeking the committed

For two weeks, we transformed a Kettle conference room into a casting agency, searching high and low for the most inspiring people to follow. Everyday athletes from across the country opened up to us. In the end, we landed on two strong women, who truly embody what #CantStop is all about. Then we celebrated the blood, sweat, and tears they bring to their training in a short film series that looks at the road from the last finish line to the next starting line.

Ayesha McGowan is a schoolteacher on a quest to become the first female, African-American pro road cyclist.
Michele King Gonzalez is an army vet, working mom, and marathon runner driven by an obsession to be her best.

"Oakley was represented by the athletes we wanted to be, instead of the athletes we are. We saw something really powerful in creating relatable heroes.”
➽ Ian Grody, Associate Creative Director

Action shots

Michele and Ayesha are always on the move, but our photographer managed to capture them in a series of exciting stills. Portraits introduced each athlete to Oakley’s fans on social media while carousels devoted to their training routines gave users a chance to browse their diets, workouts and favorite Oakley gear.

Shop their obsessions

On oakley.com, we presented our everyday athletes alongside world class, well-known ones like Valentino Rossi, Bubba Watson, and Ryan Sheckler. In the process we elevated our amateurs, humanized our pros, and brought a sense of diversity to the greater team.

Shoppable mosaics included campaign videos, selected stills, and the products that were featured in each story.